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Hi, I'm Sherie. 

You've Never Failed a Diet... 

Your Diets have Failed You.

Let's work together 


Your Simple





Simplify Your Relationship with Food & Fitness
and Kick Dieting to the Curb.


  • Because your waistline is up and your energy is down

  • Because you get Hangry and Irritable if you miss a meal

  • Because you're bewildered about what to eat

  • Because your body is changing and what once worked isn't working anymore

  • Because you feel sluggish and can't lose weight


  • One-On-One weekly coaching to bring out the best in you

  • You and Me co-creating solutions to your health challenges

  • Education

  • Inspiration

  • Transformation


  • When you've tried everything else

  • When you're finally DONE with fussy, restrictive dieting  

  • When you're ready to simplify your relationship with food and fitness  

  • When you're ready for lasting weight loss, effortless health and a new normal 

  • When you want a LONG fix not a quick fix

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A Healthy Body Finds a Healthy Weight

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"I lost 8 pounds while on "60 Days to Simple". The first thing I noticed was a BIG improvement in my energy which made it so much more enjoyable to exercise! I love that this program is a lifestyle change and not a diet or a workout regimen. I was able to implement these changes without feeling any pressure or guilt."


Positive and Inspiring

"60 Days to Simple" was empowering and Sherie inspired me every step of the way. I love feeling fit and strong. I added strength training to my workouts and feel strong and lean! The weekly action items helped me focus on healthy lifestyle changes. I'm much more aware of hidden sugar and make better food choices."


Simple and Doable

"With one thing to work on each week the program was never overwhelming. Sherie is always positive and very knowledgeable. Six months later I am still living the 'Simple Health Style' way and feel fantastic!"


Raves, Reviews and Testimonials

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