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Simple HealthStyle Programs

 Simple HealthStyle Programs aren't really programs at all. They keep humming along in the background long after you've graduated and left the nest. 


What's Health Coaching All About?

Team Work

You're in the driver's seat.  I'm along for the ride. You can count on me to offer support and expert suggestions and help you navigate your journey. We work together to set goals, plan ahead for obstacles, find solutions and celebrate your BIG WINS.


You're not accountable to me or anyone else. You're accountable to you! I"ll teach you the fine-art of SELF-ACCOUNTABILITY. You'll be empowered and free from diets forever.


Motivation is a

fair-weathered friend! Here one day and gone the next.  When your motivation is waning I'll be there to remind you of your goals and re-connect you to your WHY.  


I'm passionate about educating my clients. I use simple, effective strategies to help you understand what's going on inside your body. I teach you the process and language of health. When you graduate from my care you'll be ready to fly solo. 



Each Simple HealthStyle program includes One-on-One coaching sessions focusing on

Education, Inspiration and Transformation

21 Day Jumpstart

21 Days of Action

21 daily action items 

 to Jumpstart your metabolism

60 Days to Simple

8 Weekly Sessions

One-on-One Coaching to get your metabolism humming

Simple Strength

Personal Training

Functional Fitness to

build strength

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