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Updated: Jun 23

SIMPLE REASON #1) YOU’RE DOING SOMETHING YOU HATE.There are countless ways to move! Don’t force your body and mind into a routine you do not enjoy. If you dread running, don’t run. Instead try walking, hiking, swimming or rowing. If the gym isn’t your thing, skip it! Use resistance bands at home to build strength, try a Barre class, explore Pilates, Yoga or an outdoor boot-camp. Engage in activities like pickle ball, golf, volleyball or tennis. Finding something you love will help you sustain your commitment to deliberate exercise and movement.SIMPLE REASON #2) YOU’RE ONLY EXERCISING TO SEE PHYSICAL CHANGES.Of course, there are physical benefits to being active, but recognizing the other positives will help you stay committed. How do you feel mentally? How’s your confidence? Do you enjoy the social aspect of your chosen exercise?  Are you sleeping better? Are you experiencing more joy in your life? Taking stock of the other positive aspects will help you see the big picture and be patient with the physical changes you want to see.SIMPLE REASON #3) YOU’RE GETTING CAUGHT UP IN COMPARISON.It’s easy to look around and feel inadequate when we are trying something new, especially when it comes to fitness. Don’t let others’ skills or physiques stop YOU from pursuing your passions. Many adults struggle to embrace a beginner mindset. Most of us don’t enjoy those awkward first days of learning a new skill or showing up in an unfamiliar setting. Women often compare their bodies to others. These attitudes can prevent us from discovering new skills and enjoyable forms of exercise. Set aside comparison, fear and self-judgment, and embrace being a beginner. You might discover a new form of movement you can stick with and LOVE!

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