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Three Simple Things

Simple Thing #1

Simple Thing #2

Last year, as my family was gathered around during the Christmas break, we took a few minutes to think about the year we were leaving behind. It turned out to be a really sweet experience. Together we laughed at some memories and cried about others but we were all inspired by the moments of growth we had experienced in one way or another. Give it a try and see what you think! 

Simple Thing #3

A QUESTION TO ASK YOURSELF...before you set any goals.

"What problem are you trying to solve?" 

When we identify the problem our desired goals, behaviors or habits are trying to solve we gain more mental traction and motivation to follow through.

Here are a couple of examples:

  • If your goal is to lose weight, first identify what is problematic about your current weight. Is your health in jeopardy? Do the clothes in your closet no longer fit? Are you feeling less energetic? Viewing weight loss as a solution to a problem will help you see things more positively and sustain the needed behaviors to reach your desired outcome.  

  • If your goal is to read more, connect that with a problem you are trying to solve. Are you feeling under stimulated mentally? Are you confused about a topic that's important to you? Reading now becomes a solution to a real issue rather than just a good idea. 

As always I love your feedback! Hit reply and let me know what you think about these THREE SIMPLE THINGS. 

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